Apache Fineract credit Bureau Integration phase 2 - a Project by Nikhil Pawar

About me and my project

I am Nikhil Pawar, a Graduate Student at The University Of Texas at Arlington pursuing MS in Computer Science. As a part of my Google Summer of Code 2017 internship at Apache Software Foundation, I have been working on 'Apache Fineract Credit Bureau Integration phase 2'. Currently, there is no feature for reporting credit history in Fineract. This module will give ability to clients to check the credit history of the loan applicant and consequently mitigate the risk to bad debt. Along with checking, this Module would also allow client organizations to report to credit bureaus.

As a part of Apache Fineract credit Bureau Integration phase 2 following modules were developed:

1) Family Members module:     Status: Completed

This module was primarily designed and developed to support Credit buerau module.
Family members modules enables users to store details of family members in Fineract.
These details will be plugged in to credit bureau enquiry, so that credit bureau can rightly identitfy client's records.

Family Members Module Backend
Backend commit

Font End:
Family Members Module FrontEnd
Frontend commit

2) Credit bureau Configuration Module.     Status:Completed.

This module enables fineract to store configuration of credit bureau supported by Fineract.
It also enables users to map credit buerau products with loan products.

CreditBureau Configuration Module Backend
Backend commit

Front End:
CreditBureau Configuration Module FrontEnd

Frontend commit

3) Integration of Equifax with Apache Fineract.     Status:Work in Progress.

Client for accessing Equifax India is partially completed.
We are now working with Equifax to get access to their sandbox environment for completion of this module.

Additional Work done for other features    

Group loan Individual monitoring and Group savings with individual monitoring POC     POC Status:Completed

Group loan Individual monitoring and Group savings with individual monitoring
As an additional exercise, Group loan individual monitoring and Group Savings individual monitoring was developed.
This feature gives ability to users to track individual contributions for loan/savings account in group setting.
It is was done as additional exercise for feasibility study of GLIM and GSIM. After Equifax integration is done, GLIM and GSIM requirements would be
discussed in the community and accordingly this modification will be taken up.

Backend for GLIM and GSIM